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Trinity Pearl Bracelet

Trinity Pearl Bracelet

Length (plus a 1.5 inch extender chain)
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The "Trinity" Bracelet presents a captivating fusion of round pearls, round semiprecious stones, and square tiger's eye beads. With equal-length sections, this meticulously designed bracelet showcases a harmonious blend of contrasting colors, shapes, and textures. 


  • 7-9mm Cultured Freshwater Pearls
  • 6mm square Tiger's Eye
  • Choice of Chalcedony, Lava Rock, or Malachite
  • Choice of 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver (not pictured) 
  • Choice of length: 6 or 7 inches (plus a 1.5 inch extender chain)

Holistic Benefits

Each stone selection for the "Trinity" Bracelet offers its own unique properties and benefits:

  • Lava Rock, born from the fiery depths of the Earth, is a stone of grounding and strength. It is believed to provide stability, courage, and the ability to overcome challenges
  • Malachitea stone of transformative power, inspires strength, emotional healing, and positive change, empowering the wearer to overcome obstacles and embark on a journey of self-discovery.
  • Chalcedony is a soothing stone that promotes harmony, communication, and balance. It is believed to help the wearer express themselves more freely, unlocking their true potential.
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from los angeles


Born under the Californian sun, each 31st & Pearl piece is lovingly hand-crafted in LA, channeling the city's vibrant energy into timeless jewelry you'll cherish forever.

Why we use

14k Gold Filled

31st & Pearl prioritizes long-lasting shine. We utilize gold-filled metal for its exceptional quality. Unlike gold-plated options, our jewelry stands strong against everyday wear, showcasing its brilliance for years to come.

Built to Last

1-Year Guarantee

Wear with confidence, knowing your treasures are protected.

  • Snag-proof closures: Metal guardians keep clasps secure, day after day.
  • Locked-in fit: Sealed rings ensure your pieces stay put, no surprises.
  • Water-resistant: Our nylon-coated wiring let's you live life spontaneously-rain or shine!


Precious Stones and Gems

Our hand-crafted jewelry features hand-selected, genuine semi-precious stones, showcasing captivating colors and natural inclusions, making each piece a unique masterpiece.

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